Online Roster Procedures


  • Rosters MUST be submitted online from our registration system to be valid
  • Our rosters are AUTOMATICALLY submitted to the AAU National Office for verification.
  • Rosters MUST be completed by Thursday at mid-night before the first game of the tournament.
  • Edit Roster: Please go to the registration part of the website: CLICK HERE .  Login to the account that registered the team. There you will view each team that is registered in your account.   Click “View Team’ next to the team you want to edit. There you will add players and coaches to your roster. Each player MUST have their grade, jersey number and aau membership number listed. Each coach MUST have their current information listed on the roster. Once this is complete, then your roster is VALID. Failure to follow this procedure will NOT allow your team to participate in the tournament. This completed online rosters are the property of the AAU, and must be completed with valid completed information.