Girls Game Rulebook

2011 Girls Game Rules:

TOURNAMENT FORMAT: The 2011 AAU Girls Tournaments format will be pool play with a single-elimination final round. Each team entered in the district tournaments is guaranteed a minimum of three (3) games. Please note: Your team’s 3rd game will be in the first round of bracket play!

PLAYING RULES: The official rules for AAU Girls’ Basketball are the 2010-2011 NCAA Women’s Basketball rules as modified by the Southwestern Tournament Committee. Regulation stop clock rules.

Pick Up Player Rule : A team shall be allowed to add (pick up) a maximum of seven (7) players to their official roster when advancing to a Division I, II or III National Championship with an overall maximum of fifteen (15) players.

Player/Team Participation – Girls may play for the same Club in as many as three age/grade divisions in which they are eligible. This shall apply to any qualifying event as well as the DQT or SRT. A team that qualifies for Division I may also play up an age Division and participate in a Division II.

Jersey Numbers: Players’ jerseys must have numbers on both the front and back. Numbers can be 00-99. Minimum size of numbers shall be 2″ on the front and 4″ on the back.

Player Foul Rule: Player Foul Rule
Player Foul Rule for District Qualifying Tournaments, Super Regional Tournaments and National Championships

  • A player will be disqualified on her 5th personal foul in the 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade and 7th grade.
  • A player will be disqualified on her 6th personal foul in the 8th grade, 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade.

Warm-Up and Halftime: Half time is 6-minutes for all age divisions. Warm-up time is 4 minutes. Game time is game time. If a team arrives prior, then they shall have 4 minutes to warm-up.

MERCY RULE: In the 8/u to 13/u and 4th Grade thru 8th grade Tournaments, a running clock will be used in the second half when a team is behind by 30 or more points. Regular rules will return if at any time the spread falls below 30 points. The losing coach may opt to ignore this rule at any time.

SHOT CLOCKS: No shot clocks used in 2012 tournaments. 10 second back court rule applies.

FREE THROW PROCEDURE: Ball in play off the release of the shot from the shooter.

POOL TIEBREAKER SYSTEM: If (2) teams are tied, “Head 2 Head competition between the two teams will determine winner. If more than 2 teams are tied or teams did not play each other, then a point differential (max 20pts) will be used. Point differential will be calculated after each game for pool play. The third tiebreaker system will use total pts scored, and the fourth tiebreaker system will used total pts scored against.

SCORE CLOCK KEEPER/SCOREBOOK: The Home team will provide the score clock keeper and the tournament shall provide the scorebook keeper for each game of the tournament.

GAME PLAYING TIMES: Regulation Stop Clock for all games.

Division         Quarters/                   Overtime                       Time-Outs

3rd grade           12 Minute Halves        3 Minutes             (1)Full, (1)30 sec per half, no carryover

4th grade           12 Minute Halves        3 Minutes             (1)Full, (1)30 sec per half, no carryover

5th grade           12 Minute Halves        3 Minutes              (1)Full, (1)30 sec per half, no carryover

6th grade           14 Minute Halves       5 Minutes               (1)Full, (1)30 sec per half, no carryover

7th grade           14 Minute Halves        5 Minutes              (1)Full, (1)30 sec per half, no carryover

8th grade         14 Minute Halves        5 Minutes                (1)Full, (1)30 sec per half, no carryover

9th grade           15 Minute Halves        5 Minutes              (1)Full, (1)30 sec per half, no carryover

10th grade         15 Minute Halves        5Minutes               (1)Full, (1)30 sec per half, no carryover

11th grade          15 Minute Halves         5 Minutes            (1)Full, (1)30 sec per half, no carryover

The game time will also be the forfeit time. No grace period will be allowed .

BASKETBALL SIZE: The 28.5” circumference composite basketball shall be the Official AAU game ball for all Southwestern District Tournaments (DQT). 8/u & 9/u will use the 27.5” ball .

PRACTICE BALLS : Game ball, warm-up and practice balls will not be furnished by the tournament host. All team balls brought into the playing venue should have team name on them.

UNIFORMS: Each team participating in the 2011 Tournaments must have two different color team jerseys. One jersey must be WHITE. NCAA UNIFORM RULES:

PROTESTS: NCAA Women’s Basketball Rules DO NOT recognize or allow protests. The same policy applies to AAU Girls’ Basketball.

AWARDS: For each age division, AAU medals will be awarded to the first and second place teams.

EJECTIONS: In a 2011 Tournaments, if a coach receives two (2) technical fouls, he/she shall leave the game and the facility as well. The ejected coach may not coach the next game. However, if in a subsequent game, the same coach again receives two (2) technical fouls, he/she shall be removed from the competition venue and will not be allowed to coach the remainder of the tournament. Players or coaches ejected from a game will be suspended from the next game.

FORFEITS: Forfeits disrupt a tournament, and cause ill feelings among tournament sponsors, players, coaches, and fans. Teams, which enter a sanctioned AAU event, are expected to compete in all scheduled games. There will be a $50.00 forfeit fee charged for each game forfeited in the District Tournaments. There will be no exceptions. The team who forfeits will not be allowed to participate in any further competition until the $50.00 fee has been paid.

SANCTIONS and PENALTIES: Upon the recommendation of the Southwestern AAU Girls’ Tournament Committee, the committee may impose sanctions against any coach, club, or team for unsportsmanlike conduct or other actions considered detrimental to the AAU Girls’ Basketball program. Penalties that may be imposed include, but are not limited to, suspension, expulsion, probation, fines, reprimands, warnings, or other limitations or penalties.